Hotel Canton has been appointed as the venue of the conference.

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Hotel Canton, as the solid support of the management company, is the reception base of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and People’s Government, as well as the first hotel which has passed the ISO9000 and the ISO14000 international certification in Guangzhou area; and the targeted hotel for central government and Guangdong provincial party and administrative staffs to Guangdong area and the designated reception hotel of the 16th Asian Games.

For over 10 years, Hotel Canton, through operation innovation, management innovation and enterprise culture construction innovation, has constantly strived and developed in the sharp competitive market, and has taken over 8 enterprises including Mountain Villa and Guangzhou Luming Hotel, established 4 subsidiaries including Guangsha Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Guangsha Travel Agency, effectively improved the brand assets and brand value of the business hotel through multiple operation. Hotel Canton has also provided training for more than 10,000 staffs for more than 100 organs such as Southern Airlines, Guangzhou Ferry Company, Taiyuan China Travel Service Group Yinjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Meizhou Tourism Enterprise Talents Training Center; and has received nearly 100 batches of national wide hotel staffs for exchange.

The innovative operation and management of Hotel Canton has formed the new operation and management mode which meets the Chinese situation and international convention, reserved a batch of innovative management staffs, which has set the solid foundation and provided the theoretic and practical support for the operation of Guangsha Hotel Management Co., Ltd.